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FH Designs is actually the initials of my name which is Francine Houston. It started off as a project in college for a fashion hangtag. Once I designed the hangtag, the logo became an icon of it's own. FH Designs has a collection of ready to wear clothing for the working woman or man.


When I started fashion college, I lost a lot of weight due to lupus so interview clothes were a challenge. However at my college the lady that helps with job placement gave me interview clothes to wear for interviews and business casual attire was a challenge. So while I was in college, I started naming my clothing, working girl, modesty, etc. I was determined to have my dream of actually getting "the dream job/career" and working in a business causal environment. I thought about my struggle for work, the difficulties of finding the right attire and wanting to help others. I wanted to see other people get the jobs/career of their dreams and actually look good doing it. F.H. Designs is for the working class, the woman or man trying to get the interview, the jobs and even business owners. It also to fulfill their dreams in life.

AW Collection


Buttonup shirt

A short-sleeved white button shirt. $40.00


Kimono collection.

starts at $25.00 and up

Back2Basics Collection.

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